My Headlines Didn’t Get Clicks Until I Did This

It doesn’t matter how awesome your content is. If your headline doesn’t catch your reader’s attention, you won’t get clicks.

Now, this little start-up dubbed as the ‘the fastest-growing media site in history’ by Fast Company shows us how to write headlines that compel readers to click.

This slideshow tackles how to make videos viral on Facebook. But their tips on how to write compelling headlines really stood out for me. Here they are.

The Curiosity Gap

A headline must not be too vague but not too specific either.
A headline must not be too vague but not too specific either.

According to, headlines specifically meant for social sharing websites must have a “curiosity gap”.

Give your readers just enough to spark their curiosity.

How To Write Headlines That Get Clicked

Easy. Write 25 headlines. You won’t get it right the first time. Even the guys at Upworthy don’t.

Don't forget to write 25 headlines.
Don’t forget to write 25 headlines.

Rules for Writing Headlines

Seriously, here’s how Upworthy writes their headlines.

rules for writing headlines

The difference between a good headline and really great headline can be 100 times more clicks.

Test, Test, Test

After writing those 25 headlines, you have to know which ones of those will convert the most.

If you’re a one-man operation and you don’t have an editorial team to review your headlines for you, that could be a challenge.

Ask your friends which of the 25 headlines they’re most likely to click.

You can also use Google Consumer Surveys to pick out the winner. First, choose the best 5 headlines from your list of 25.

Ask the respondents which of the 5 will they most likely click on. It only costs 10 cents per.

Think that’s too expensive? Here’s a $75 coupon for your first survey.

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    Hi Arvin,
    Great tips on how to write eye catching headlines. This is one thing that I have to continue to work on. I still find myself having trouble writing some great headlines.

    I know that it takes time to become creative, especially for someone like me. I used to say that I don’t have one creative bone in my body.

    Blogging is definitely changing that…I’m learning how to become creative.

    I’ve never heard of Google Consumer Surveys, but it sounds like it could definitely be beneficial for someone who wanted to get their headlines critiqued. Have a great day.
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